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Archstone Foundation's mission is to contribute towards the preparation of society in meeting the needs of an aging population.

In 2012, following an in-depth review of its philanthropy, and the needs of California’s diverse aging population, the Foundation began to wind down its commitments to its legacy areas, and is no longer seeking unsolicited proposals in its legacy areas of fall prevention, elder abuse and neglect, and end-of-life care. Currently, the Foundation's grantmaking is focused on the following priority areas:Enabling older adults to remain in their homes and communities;Improving the quality of life for older adults suffering from depression; andDeveloping innovative responses to the family caregiving needs of elders.The Foundation will also explore ways to incorporate workforce development into its three priority areas. Through its Responsive Grantmaking, the Foundation will continue to support additional opportunities to ensure that tomorrow's workforce has the knowledge and skills required to care for and serve the rapidly growing aging population.With a special focus on California, and concern for all older adults, Archstone Foundation welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with public and private funders, as well as nonprofit and civic leaders, to improve the well-being of older adults.

Grantmaking Approach


501(c)(3) nonprofits


Organizations without 501(c)(3) designation or individuals (although some government-sponsored projects may be considered);
Biomedical research;
Capital expenditures, "bricks and mortar" or building campaigns; and
Fundraising events.

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Small grant up to $15,000; Large grants over $15,000


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