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Los Angeles


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The Foundation's mission is to enhance the growth and success of communities in which the Bank serves. The Foundation's ultimate objective is to create opportunities in areas of affordable housing, community and economic development, and education. The Foundation will also consider supporting culture and arts, health and welfare, environmental and human services and programs that benefit the communities at large.

Grantmaking Approach


The Foundation will place a strong emphasis on nonprofit organizations that are results-oriented and market-savvy. The organization’s programs and services must:

» Target the low- and moderate-income population;
» Display leadership and vision in the community;
» Provide tangible benefits to the communities they serve;
» Have an effective system to measure and report results with a demonstrated track record;
» Have established strategic alliances with the community to face expected challenges;
» Have 501c(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS;
» Be equal opportunity employers;
» Display fiscal and administrative stability.


The Cathay Bank Foundation cannot support the following:

» Organizations without 501c(3) status
» Organizations/programs that are not aligned with the Foundation’s mission;
» Organizations that are located or benefit outside Cathay Bank’s communities;
» Private foundations;
» Organizations with missions to influence or participate in political campaigns on behalf of or against a candidate or initiative;
» Veterans and/or military organizations;
» Organizations that channel grant funds to third parties;
» Service club activities;
» Operating funds for hospitals or other patient care facilities;
» Funding of travel and related expenses for any organization.

Unsolicited Application

Grant Size


Funding Uses

Grantee Service Area


$1,000 - $10,000.

Community development, Economic Development, Education, Civic & Community, Health & Welfare


California, New York, Illinois, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and Maryland.

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