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The mission of The Crail-Johnson Foundation is to promote the well being of Children in need, through the effective application of human and financial resources.

It is our commitment to be an advocate for children and to act as an agent for positive change. We endeavor to provide for immediate improvement in children’s quality of life, as well as to provide opportunities for a future life of quality.

The Crail-Johnson Foundation (“The Foundation”) has defined itself as a children’s charity, and the vast majority of grant-making is directed toward programs benefiting children, youth and families in Los Angeles. Requestss which are not relevant to the foundation’s mission and funding priorities will not be considered.

In general, the Foundation does not consider multi-year grants. Grants are made to nonprofit organizations for one year, and grantees are eligible to reapply each year. However, in general, the Foundation does not provide grants for more than three consecutive years.

National organizations providing services in these areas are also considered. Occasionally, grants are made to programs and projects that are regional or national in scope.

The Foundation supports programs as a means to address the long-term well-being of children, youth and community. It is through the support of Education, Human Services and Health that the Foundation hopes to assist in providing children, youth and their families with the tools necessary to build a life of quality. Support is exclusively focused on programs that address the needs of economically, socially and physically disadvantaged children. The Foundation supports both proven approaches and innovative programs aimed at systemic change and provides support for new, continuing, or expanding programs. Programs and services may be school-based, school-linked, or other community-based places.

Grantmaking Approach




Support is not granted for programs and projects benefiting religious purposes, university level education, research, events recognizing individuals or organizations, political causes or programs attempting to influence legislation. No grants are made directly to individuals.

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Funding Uses

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$5,000 - $20,000

Education, human services, health

Operating support, program support, capital projects

Los Angeles with a focus on San Pedro, Carson, Harbor City, Wilmington, Long Beach, Compton, Watts, and South Los Angeles

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