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The Michael J. Connell Foundation focuses on cultural, environmental, educational and medical needs. Grants are made only to qualified non-profit organizations.

Most of our cultural funding has been to classical music programs, graphic arts programs and public television. In each case, we have looked for programs that will address the needs of children and youth or will bring new audiences to the medium.

Over the years, we have supported an eclectic list of environmental endeavors. These have ranged from gardens that test theories of food production without machinery or chemicals, to trail maintenance in state and national forests, to land restoration efforts in Montana. Our current focus, is on programs that provide environmentally sound public access to state, federal and local environmental resources or that enhance the public enjoyment of those resources without inflicting significant environmental damage.

Our educational efforts have focused on bringing new technologies to the classroom or campus and on specific programs to address local needs, particularly those of minority or disadvantaged communities. Often, our educational programs overlap with our cultural programs.

Recent medical support has gone almost entirely to mental health programs to assist at risk youth and persons in crisis. We are open, though, to other programs which assist new community efforts to organize innovative medical information and delivery programs, to test their viability and to attract long-term funding from traditional sources. We are not focused on any particular medical problem, but we prefer programs that will either address broad community needs or the problems of children and youth.

Grantmaking Approach


501(c)(3) nonprofits


Fundraising events, dinners and mass mailings
Direct aid to individuals
Conferences, seminars, workshops or similar events
Organizations that limit services to persons of a single religious sect or denomination
Support for candidates for political office or to influence legislation
Requests for regular, ongoing, operating support
Organizations that address social or political problems outside the United States of America
Aid to fraternal organizations, such as country clubs
For profit business organizations
Loans or program related investments

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$5,000 - $200,000

Classical music, environment, education, health, medicine

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Los Angeles area

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