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Angell Foundation invests in transformative opportunities, cultivates compassionate leaders, and partners with organizations committed to creating a more equitable world. We fund high-impact efforts that effect change in three main issue areas: Education As Opportunity, Food Equity, and Transformational Leadership.

We strive to fund organizations with accountable leadership and caring staff who treat people with compassion and respect. We favor organizations that have a clear mission and clear goals, as well as an explicit commitment to maintaining a healthy internal culture.

Central to our efforts is the belief that when people treat one another with dignity in their professional and personal lives, they build more authentic relationships and, as a result, are better equipped to make a positive impact in their communities.

Through our grantmaking, we strive to emulate the compassion for others that David and Lynn demonstrated throughout their lives. We fund organizations that provide opportunities for individuals to access resources and skills that enhance their ability to lead fulfilling, productive lives, and to make positive contributions within their communities.

We invest in historically underserved populations and social sector leaders in the Southern California and New England regions.

Angell Foundation is committed to the core values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This commitment is demonstrated through investments intended to expand opportunity to communities and populations historically and disproportionately impacted by poverty and lack of resources.

Grantmaking Approach


Have a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Strive to make long-term impact
Employ culturally competent approaches
Track progress, assess impact, and share results
Maintain sound financial practices and management
Collaborate with other organizations
Be led by effective leaders and have a commitment to cultivating leadership
Commit to a candid and consistent dialogue with the Foundation


Political organizations or campaigns
Fundraising activities, benefit sponsorships, advertisements, or sponsored tables
Capital projects, unrestricted endowments, or deficit reduction
Projects that are internationally based or focused

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Education As Opportunity, Food Equity, Transformational Leadership


Southern California, New England

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