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The Foundation for Global Sports Development is a leader in the sports community by delivering and supporting initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world. Sidewinder Films, a division of The Foundation for Global Sports Development, promotes this mission to a broader audience through groundbreaking film and documentaries.

GSD is pleased to offer funding to 501(c)3 organizations throughout the United States that support a combination of educational enrichment and youth sports programs and/or activities. GSD is also proud to support international organizations that fight against social injustice for the most vulnerable youth, and who implement sports and educational development programs that create long-lasting and sustainable change for youth around the world.

Sport has the power to influence and create social change. Through sport, we can unite youth from diverse cultures and economic backgrounds, help them build self-esteem, and mutual respect.

GSD funds a diverse range of sports and youth programming, but a special emphasis is given to groups and communities that are most in need or most underserved by current programs, including youth in areas where the risk of delinquency is particularly high.

Grantmaking Approach


• Organizations must provide structured sports activities for youth, elementary school to high school aged. The sports activities must be offered to program participants at no charge to them.
o Examples of structured sports activities include but are not limited to: (1) Regular lesson plans/sports training schedule; (2) An after school and/or seasonal physical education curriculum; (3) After school and/or seasonal exercise programs; (4) Training for and participating in a group marathon; (5) Participation in afterschool and/or seasonal sports leagues – competitive or not; (6) Offering any of a variety of after school and/or seasonal sports programs – competitive or not; (7) Equine therapy programs; (8) Rowing programs; (9) Sailing programs; and (10) A variety of other comparable sports programming.
• Organizations must have an educational component(s) to their program that is offered to program participants at no charge to them.
o Examples of an educational component include but are not limited to: (1) Regular lesson plans/curriculums; (2) An after school and/or seasonal schedule; (3) Afterschool tutoring programs; (4) Homework support programs; (5) College prep / graduation prep programs; (6) Literacy programs; (7) Health and nutrition programs; (8) Leadership development programs; and (9) Art programs
• Organizations must provide programs and activities in the United States or if the Organization is operating internationally, additional eligibility requirements will be provided upon request
• Organizations must be certified as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code
• Organizations must have a written policy that addresses its commitment to keep children safe from sexual abuse by preventing, recognizing, and responding to situations both on and off the playing field that in any way compromises their safety.
• Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Report


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$1,000 - $200,000

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